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The Act of Showing Gratitude

By Lisa Nixon

The resolve to have daily gratitude summons us to live in the now and fuels our contentment with our presence while collapsing the pain of our past and gives us guidance to prepare for our future. To me, the most important outcome of daily gratitude is present-day contentment. It keeps me grounded and mindful of being thankful for what I have in front of me. Rather than focusing on what’s seemingly missing. In the day and age of social media giving false realities of the lives of our peers and friends, we may too often compare our lives with the lives of others based on a variety of things. Most of them being outward materials that can be taken away at the blink of an eye. As well as not knowing what actually goes on beyond the lens of one’s camera and when they log out of their social media lives and check into the reality of their real life. Daily gratitude allows us to take an inward look at ourselves, our own personal lives and it allows us to see that although it may not be all good, it’s not all bad either. Comparison is the thief of joy. While gratitude is the key element of joy. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, a stressful and callous election season, life has provided us all reasons for daily gratitude. Those reasons aren’t for me to point out to you. Take a moment to reflect on yourself, jot down the reasons you found. Now incorporate a gratitude journal in your daily life. For me, this journal allows me to re-center when I feel my day has been filled with calamity, and nothing seems to go my way. I have the opportunity to reflect on the smallest things that are usually the most important reasons for me to have daily gratitude. If you’ve found yourself in the routine of focusing on what could’ve been, should’ve been, or would’ve been. Maybe you’re exhausted and discouraged from the present world we live in, it’s time to redirect your focus on the present. By expressing daily gratitude, watch how it changes your perspective and adds a spark of positivity to your day. Remember, Thanksgiving isn’t just a time to eat an itis inducing holiday meal. It’s also small moments throughout our day when we express our gratitude for what we have, who we have, and most importantly where we are on our own individual journeys in life.

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“Be well, be better be your own version of success”

~Lisa Nixon~

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