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By: Lisa Nixon

In November, we evaluated the importance of gratitude in our daily lives. It is the act of gratitude that leads us to rejoice. When I reflect on the word rejoice it reminds me of how we should in selflessness rejoice with others. This act can come at times when we ourselves are facing personal turmoil and dismay. Yet we understand the importance of being present for others. When someone is rejoicing you should rejoice with them! There is no better feeling than to know that my friends and family are rejoicing with me when I’ve accomplished a task or goal. When they have their moments I enjoy rejoicing with them.

Here are 5 benefits of rejoicing with others.

(1) It’s good for your personal, mental and spiritual growth.

When we genuinely rejoice with others it allows us to grow. Growth equals maturity. Maturity brings about wisdom and discernment. Wisdom and discernment make for better life choices that yield better life results.

(2) It allows you to help build the self esteem of others while building your own.

Did you know that for every good word you speak to and about others you are also speaking it to yourself? Speaking positive words makes us a more positive person. Positivity boosts our self-esteem.

(3) It will gain you a good and cheerful reputation.

Our reputation precedes us. Before a person ever meets you physically they will meet your reputation. Since this is the case be sure that you are the person that people are speaking good about.

(4) It melts away jealousy and replaces it with joy.

We often don’t want to rejoice with others because we are jealous of their accomplishments. Jealousy gets us nowhere in life and it blocks our view of seeing our own accomplishments. Let go of the jealousy and replace it with joy.

(5) It gives you a reason either to dress up, if attending a function, and/ or enjoy a great time and great fun.

What woman doesn’t want to look good and flaunt it? What man doesn’t want a reason to be GQ? If there is an occasion to show your support and look good doing it!

Remember that rejoicing with others is founded on the idea that when one rejoices with others, it will in turn increase your joy.

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