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Reclaim Your Vote

Black Moms of Suburbia has been diligently working together to provide Voter Education to the public. We have partnered with local leaders to conduct various roundtables to encourage everyone to take this election year seriously.

Did You Know?

African Americans couldn’t officially attend the democratic convention until 1924.

The 15th amendment gave black men the right to vote under law?

The Black Codes was enacted to strictly govern the behavior of black citizens, which were later reestablished as The Jim Crow Laws.

Most black women waited five decades after the 19th amendment for the right to vote.

Our history is as equally as important as our present and our future as it relates to the changes we want to see in our country that are heavily influenced by who we elect into office. That’s why Black Mom’s of Suburbia is standing firmly behind encouraging African American’s to vote in our local and national elections. Your voice is in your vote and it does matter. Hopefully you were able to tune into our past facebook live sessions related to voting,if not check the archives to see what you missed. 

In the upcoming week BMOS will be sponsoring a voters registration drive. We’d love to see you and your families there. For those who can’t make it please see the tips and reminders below regarding how to vote, and the deadline to register to vote. We’re not here to tell you who to vote for, but we’d like to remind you to do your due diligence in vetting candidates and becoming more knowledgeable regarding where they stand as it relates to issues that may directly and indirectly affect you and your family.

Do You Know?

The Five Steps of Voting:

  1. (Register)in your current county of residence.

  2. (Verify) you’re registered in your correct county if already registered.

  3. (Plan and Prepare) determine what location you’ll be voting at and learn about the candidates and know what’s on the ballot.

  4. (Register) others make sure that your friends and family are on board with voting.

  5. (Vote) whether it's in person or via mail in ballot, your vote matters, make it count.

Don’t Forget!

The deadline to register to vote in Texas (postmarked or in person) October 5, 2020. Election Day November 3,2020. Early voting period October 13-October 30 2020.

Please LIKE our Facebook Page to stay updated with local information and events.

Come out this Saturday for a Voter Registration Drive Hosted by Tamia Thompson

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