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BMOS Reclaim Your Time 5-Day Challenge

Things in the news are progressively getting worse and it seems our days social distancing are not being practice by many as the states are starting to open. We are ALL in the same boat and I think the best way to approach this is have a little fun and make some friends. SO, I wanted to do a little challenge with some lighthearted goals to make this whole thing a bit easier.

Rep. Maxine Waters (Auntie Maxine to some) was not interested in a single second of her time being wasted. She was my inspiration in creating “Reclaiming My Time 5 Day Challenge”. She made it clear that her time was valued to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in 2017, when he testified before the House Financial Services Committee. Rep. Waters wanted to know why Mnuchin didn't respond to a letter she and some of her fellow committee members sent asking for details. Mnuchin began to answer by attempting to flatter Rep. Waters, which resulted in her iconic "Reclaiming my time!" declaration.

Let’s take note from Rep. Maxine Waters and reclaim our time during this Pandemic. Let’s reclaim our purpose, our health, our spirituality, our family foundation and our connection with friends.

There will be a unique challenge for each day and then some daily practices as well.

Go ahead and following us @bmosuburbia on Instagram to keep up with what others are doing during the challenge and use hashtag #BMOS5DayChallenge to participate! Whether that’s with a post or stories, who cares. Let’s just have fun.

DAY 1: Reclaim Yourself. Write out your goals for the remainder of the year for you and your family. How are you all going to move forward with the new normal in mind?

DAY 2: Reclaim Family Traditions. Cook or create something crafty with your family… Teach the kids a family recipe. Create a scrapbook. Teach your kids a fun game you played as a child. Take a pic share within the BMOS group.

DAY3 : Reclaim your Mind. ONE HOUR meditation… For me, this means reading! I know that sitting down for a whole hour without checking social media or watching TV can be daunting. Sometimes that’s all you need to create a deeper spiritual connection.

DAY4: Reclaim your Space. Declutter your home. Clean out that junk drawer, your closet, or your garage. Post for sell in the BMOS group. Just get rid of the anything that’s not needed.

DAY 5: Reclaim and expand your social circle. Connect with friends or new people you would like to get to know better. Reach out to someone you want to know more about. Send a text to a friend you haven’t spoke with in awhile.

Join BMOS Virtual Happy Hour! If you have a BMOS shirt, take a picture of yourself in your shirt to show solidarity and sisterhood. BMOS shirts are 25% off.

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