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BMOS Community Spotlight - Latoya Owens

Tell us about Genasis Enterprises? What services do you provide?

Genasis Enterprises started March 2016. I offer virtual accounting services that include, bookkeeping, business consulting, financial counseling, payroll, and tax services.

How did you choose your career path?

How did you get where you are today with your business? I think my career path chose me. From an early age, I always liked dealing with numbers so in high school I began taking accounting courses and it grew from there. I served in the US Air Force and I wanted to get into accounting then but there were no slots available for me to take the position. I had to go a different route and ending up doing administrative/tech support for my squardon at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. As a young Airman, I was in charge of inventory of equipment as well as compliance for security measures over personnel files. I started to pick up compliance experience so in the end it definitely started the path on where I am today.

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from my own community. I have a teacher's heart and I know my purpose is to educate my community in financial literacy as much as I can so we can change the future generations and building wealth for our people.

Give us a Snap shot of your family make up and what brought you to Texas?

My husband's name is Jeremiah Owens. He is an Air Force Veteran as well. We have been married almost 16 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Arianna (15) and Genesis (8). We came to TX when my husband was offered a position in IT. He is a network engineer. We moved to TX in 2011.

What do you like about BMOS?

I love the solidarity among the mothers and how we all can lean on each other whenever we have concerns or questions regarding issues that directly affect Black moms.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

I actually sing and a lot of people are not aware since I really don't showcase it much.

How can you be reached?

My email address is or cell 682-237-9063.

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