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BMOS Breast Cancer Survivor Mom Spotlight

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Imagine waking up one morning and your arm casually brushes your breast and you notice a lump. For Tiffany Howse, our BMOS

featured mom this was her reality in 2019. This simple act not only summoned a myriad of emotions for Howse, it was like turning a key in the ignition to start a car. It started a process of doctors appointments that ultimately led to a diagnosis of breast cancer, two weeks after her discovery. Howse, had recently had a mammogram earlier in the year that didn’t show anything. She was numb, the news literally brought her to her knees. However, the support of family and friends were critical in how quickly she found herself on her feet ready to take on this new diagnosis. Howse, asked critical questions of her medical care staff, who in turn ruled out factors that could’ve been linked such as genetics, those results came back negative. Howse received her diagnosis in stage two and was faced with the difficult decision of having a lumpectomy or double mastectomy. While weighing in or her options, she started to make changes to her diet and exercise ensuring that her lifestyle choices wouldn’t affect her road to recovery. Howse eventually chose the mastectomy as she felt it was the best choice to prevent her cancer from coming back.  While undergoing chemotherapy Howse’s mind never left the thought of leaving her son behind to continue life without her. This caused her to delay informing him of her diagnosis. They shared the same concerns of Howse losing her battle to cancer. During her chemotherapy treatments, those days, especially the first 48 hours afterwards were exhausting. Grafetfully, through a recently patented device called the Chemotherapy Cold Caps, Howse didn’t lose her hair as do many cancer patients. She still found it challenging to follow the treatment plan,  she didn’t like the side effects of the medication and found herself without her taste buds for months. Howse considers herself blessed, doctors were surprised that by her second treatment she could no longer feel a lump. For Howse, cancer is a scary word, she realizes that the disease doesn’t discriminate.

The beginning of Howse’s journey with breast cancer brought her to her knees, but today she’s on her feet living triumphantly and grateful that not only did she survive one of the most challenging times of her life. She continued to strive for success, accomplishing personal and professional achievements along the way. She is now a realtor at

Interviewed by: Cheri Carnavon

Written by: Lisa Nixon

Graphic by: LaChaya Terry

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