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Our History

Black Moms of Suburbia was created in June 2019, as a Facebook group in order to connect with black moms in Prosper, TX. Within five months the group grew into more than just Facebook. We are a community that support, empower and service our community with each other.


We are focused on connecting Black Moms in the suburbs in the United States. Our goal is to create a tribe of women who want the best for their families while living in a community where they are the minority.

Our Mission

Black Moms of Suburbia - 501(c)(3) Organization is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and shifting the public narrative to create transformative change within public education and community support. Our goal is to partner with organizations to create opportunities where Black mothers can authentically be heard while bridging the gap within the communities. We strive to dismantle racism, discrimination, and inequality by hosting curated events that support diversity and inclusion.

“A community is a familiar thread used to bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome those threats. As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop.” -Riché C. Zamor

Meet  the Moms behind BMOS!  


Meet  Keena Arias  



Director of Events & Planning and Community Outreach

Jacqueline Wrightsil


Director of Health & Wellness and Grants & Scholarships

Marissa Olaleye

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Director of Public Relations

Chianna Rodgers

Meet  the Board of Directors!  

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